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Iran has given open challenge to America

iran has given open challenge to America The 74th meeting is going on in the United Nations where the Prime Minister of a 190 country ...

Monday, September 30, 2019

Iran has given open challenge to America

iran has given open challenge to America

The 74th meeting is going on in the United Nations where the Prime Minister of a 190 country is coming and giving a speech, in which Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has said that no talks can be held with the US without removing any restrictions and America Thinking that we are afraid but we are not afraid.
Let us tell you that there has been a lot of tension between Iran and America for a long time, there is a lot of clash in this scene, both countries are making many accusations against each other, meanwhile, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani giving a speech in the United Nations Has said that the US is illegally accusing him and that the drone attack on Saudi Arabia is also being blamed on Iran which is a lie The proof is not Saudi Arabia.
If by doing all this, if Saudi Arabia and America are thinking that charity will bow down to them, then it will not happen that we will face America and Saudi Arabia till the end of our life and we are competing very well against America which we Economic sanctions have been imposed and we will continue to compete in the same way, we are not going to bow down to America and we will continue to give a similar answer to America. Even in time.
Turkey, Malaysia and Russia have fully supported Iran and all the allegations that Saudi Arabia has made on Iran have denied all the allegations. They say that it is not right to accuse anyone without proof. If the attack is done then its evidence Present then it will be proved that Iran has attacked Saudi oil company or show something else to prove it.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Donald Trump refuse to attack on iran.

Donald Trump refuse to attack on iran.
Let us tell you that there has been a lot of tension between Iran and America. America which had ban Iran and Iran is suffering a lot of damage, but Iran is adamant on its words that it is also going to war with America. Iran Is ready for war who is openly challenging America that we are ready to fight in any case, does not back down.
Recently, the US military offered to attack Iran, which was refused by US President Donald Trump, he said that we do not want to get into a new war and rejected the offer of this attack. Donald Trump has started to fear Iran, because behind Iran is the full support of countries like Russia and Turkey.
Let us tell you that tensions between the US and Iran increased when the US disassociated itself from the nuclear deal, since then the United States imposed many restrictions on Iran and Iran started making missiles and many modern weapons for itself. Despite the US warning, Iran is testing new weapons and nuclear weapons in which it has been successful.
Now this thing has reached the war. It is being told that anytime the atmosphere of war can be created, if America or Iran attacked each other even for a small time, then this war is not going to stop, this war will spread in the whole world and it will cause damage to the whole world, so it is better that both countries should sit together and resolve the matter.
Iran, which is rapidly developing its military strength, has recently built a fighter jet plane and has also made several drones which have proved to be very successful and deadly.

Friday, September 13, 2019

A Muslim player set a new record in history.

Khabib, who has written a new history in the history of UFC, has set a new record by winning 28 out of 28 matches, yet he has not lost a single match and has defeated the world champion, that too easily and once He has created a new world record, due to which he remains in the discussion.
Now a Russian martial artist who has taken his training from his father and started his training from childhood, he has to become a martial artist, and one of the finest martial artists in the world, he has done his entire training In russia and he have surprised everyone by winning, he have dusted all the big players.
He has played 28 matches in the UFC so far, of which he has won 28 matches, which is the first time in the history of UFC that a player has won 28 out of 28 matches, which has since become the fourth place and the world. he become world champions, he have touched a lot of height in a short time, they have beaten and defeated the big champions in the UFC, people can never think like that. Kbib are so big champion never easy to beat.
He did the same in UFC Match 242. Khabib made a new history by defeating the world champion in match 242 of UFC, he made a new record by defeating the world champion in the third round itself and surprised everyone. Which was a big deal and created a new history by defeating the world champion.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How Ranu Mandal became a superstar overnight.

How Ranu Mandal became a superstar overnight.
Ranu Mandal whose songs are becoming viral these days, everyone is praising her on social media and her songs too, how good is her voice, recently a video of Ranu Mandal went viral after which she became popular on social media Overnight, she has become a superstar but how did everything happen and how did she become a superstar.
Ranu Mandal, who earlier used to sing for money at a station in Kolkata and used to stay at the station and used to sleep at night, but one day when she was singing the song, a boy made a video of her and share on social media after this video became so viral and this video reached Himesh Reshammiya after which Himesh Reshammiya called Ranu Mandal to himself and sing a song for his film, After that ranu Mandal became super star.
Ranu Mandal, who has become a star, has recently released a song Teri Meri which has become quite viral in social media, now everyone is listening to this song and sharing this video on social media, this song of ranu is not complete song but It became a super hit before release and people are also liking it, many TV shows also called Ranu Mandal as a guest and there Ranu Mandal told about his past life. In what a bad situation she was.
Ranu Mandal has just become a big superstar and she is going to sing for many films in the coming time for which she has already prepared and she has also told that she got offers to sing for many more films. Which she have accepted. In the coming time, Ranu Mandal will become a big singer, in the way she is being given a chance to sing in big movies by big actors. In the coming time, Ranu Mandal will be a big superstar singer.

Friday, July 26, 2019

false news spread in the social media is about the Turkish President.

false news spread in the social media is about the Turkish President.
About Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Erdogan is spreading false stories in social media, it is being said that at the age of 65, Turkey's President Tayab Erdogan has died from heart attack, The media was being swiftly expanded when the big news channel investigated this news, the news came out completely fake.
Tiyyeb Erdogan has died this false news in social media. But when he learned that Tayab Erdogan's death has not happened, it is a false news then he said that good people will soon Go away except the world but bad people do not die soon Some people wrote in the social media that it is a dangerous person.
So far, Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Erdogan has not said anything about this whole issue, nor has any Turkish official talked to the whole matter yet, but there is a lot of discussion on this matter because the false news is in such a way Is being spread and it is being claimed that Turkish President Tayab Erdogan has died. Some people are hearing this news and accepting the truth and some people do not know that it The news is false.

Asaduddin Owaisi said that Muslims will now have to fight themselves.

Asaduddin Owaisi who is a Hyderabad MP and chief of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, who is often known for his statement, Asaduddin Owaisi said that all muslim of India must fight together if they are looking at someone else's shelter So it will be his stupid and nothing if he is thinking that if the Congress will come then forget that now he will not have to come, we have to fight ourselves.
Let us tell you that Asaduddin Owaisi had done a ritual to demand justice for the murder of Tabrez Ansari in which he said that Muslims would have to be one if we have to improve our circumstances then all Muslims will have to stand up and stand and We must give up the shelter of another. We have to fight ourselves if we are thinking that someone else will come and remove our issues, then it is our stupidity. Now no one will come for help, no one came before or no one will come. We will have to help ourselves if we have to improve our situation.
Asaduddin Owaisi said that remove all the problems of your neighborhood and settlement, together, all together, teach the children of your house and read Namaz, then we will not be able to overcome our problems, if we do not, we will be like this and Our circumstances will worsen even more.

Ejaz Khan was released from jail for two days in jail.

Bollywood actor Ejaz Khan, who is often quite popular in social media, was arrested by the Mumbai Police a few days ago by Ejaz Khan accusing him of spreading hatred on social media. In the case of hate crime, he was arrested due to cyber crime police Mumbai.
After which he had to stay in jail for 2 days, after which he got bail from the court. After that hundreds of people watched on the streets were waiting for Ejaz Khan, that Ejaz Khan would come out and people would meet him after which many people were happy that Ejaz Khan came out who raised his voice. He met all the people and said that I am not afraid to do this. I will continue to raise my voice in the same way as in the coming time.
Ejaz Khan, who has been uploading many types of videos in social media, about all the problems related to the society, he also raises his voice on social media and tries to reach out to other people so that people can understand that each other's problems What is it and it can be solved together in the coming time, they have helped many people similarly.